What's being said about Patricia's Chocolate? Take a look!
Food for Thought Chez nous fait chocolat. The words embroidered on Patricia Christopher's crisp white chef's jacket - "chocolate is made at this house" - hint at the story of Patricia's Chocolate. It is the story of Patty's second career as an artisanal chocolatier, and it has a decided French accent...  [ read more ]
Shore Bride

Give the Gift of Chocolate.

At home in her commercial chocolate kitchen in Grand Haven, Michigan, Patricia Christopher creates artisan chocolates that make the perfect party favor..
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GR Press

Perfectionist Patty and Her Amazing Chocolate Factory.

Patricia "Patty" Christopher is a perfectionist in a wonderful way. Her 21 extravagantly flavored, eye-catching chocolate confections are infused with Madagascar vanilla, Saigon cinnamon, banana and aged Cruzan rum, passion fruit and mango, blueberry wine and Earl Grey tea...
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There is a real Patricia behind these chocolates. She and her husband Paul worked as school psychologists for thirty years, proving that they’re more than tough enough to work with as temperamental a material as chocolate. With training at The French Pastry School under her belt, support from neighbors, and the necessary municipal and county permits firmly in hand, the couple built a commercial chocolate kitchen in the lower level of their home in Grand Haven... [  read more ]

Urban Street

The chocolate we're crazy about at the moment is Patricia's Chocolate's Michigan Bar, and why not?  It's a mitten-shaped, semi-sweet dark chocolate bar with winding grooves in the front to represent Michigan's rivers. Flip the bar over and find crunchy pistachios, dried Michigan cherries and blueberries, as well as savory fleur de sel salt... [ read more ]]

GR Magazine

Remember Psych 101?  Maslow’s pyramid of basic human needs?   Our most basic physiological needs are sleep, water, food, sex and breathing, right?  Well, he may have missed one - Patricia’s Chocolates.[ read more ]

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