Tea Collection Title
Tea Display Open Tea Box
Heartwarming Cinnamon Heartwarming  

A lush ganache made with cream infused with fair trade Rooibos tea, apple, orange, clove, cinnamon and cardamom.  Heartwarming indeed!


  In the mood In the mood

Dark couverture infused with partridge berry, rose hips, passion flower, ginger and rose.  The cream is also steeped with damiana and muira pauma bark, both potent aphrodisiacs, and so the name of this most extraordinary and delectible treat.

Peaceful black Peaceful Peninsula  

Look for the flavors of Grand Traverse grown cherry, blueberry, grape, apple, currant, elderberry, rose hips, and hibiscus, as well as layers of comforting Sri Lankan green tea in this wonderfully creamy chocolate.


  Almond Oolong Almond Oolong

This delightful dark chocolate palet, finished with a slivered almond, and the dark chocolate ganache is infused with Shui Xiang Oolong tea, herbal red top clover, and almonds to yield a subtle and refreshing peach note.

Creamy Earl Grey Creamy Earl Grey  

Our original Earl Grey ganache has blossomed into an exquisite confection  with cream suffused with black  tea, blue cornflowers, lavender, calendula petals, vanilla, and of course, oil of bergamot.  Simply magnificent!

  Hummingbird Nectar Hummingbird Nectar

A golden ganache in every sense, this rich dark couverture is created with cream infused with a tisane of hibiscus, Montmorency cherry, blueberry, grape, currant, elderberry, and maple syrup.  A luscious and creamy indulgence with an incredible and unique flavor profile.

The Tea Collection is sold as a pre-packaged six-piece ganache assortment in a classic embossed blue gift sleeve for $15.60.   Please check with one of our retailers near you for availability, or call us for ordering and/or custom flavor packaging options.


Please contact us for wedding, corporate gift, or special event pricing and packaging options