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Exploring a love of the confectionary arts with the acclaimed masters of the industry at the French Pastry School in Chicago and the Callebaut Institutes in Montreal and Chicago, Patty developed a talent for creating unique and extraordinarily pleasing bon-bons that were quite different from the easily produced molded and rolled truffles that dominate the high-end chocolate market.  As friends and family taste-tested the variety of cocoas and ingredients from all over the world, and ultimately sampled the exquisite caramel and ganache palets, Patty was urged to bring her product to the marketplace.

Encouraged by such a wonderful response, what started as the simple pursuit of an interest became a second career as both Patty and her husband Paul brought their thirty-year careers as psychologists to a close.  Supported by neighbors, and with the approval of city and county governments, Paul built a commercial “chocolate kitchen” in the lower level of our home, equipment was ordered and put into place, and Patty began hand-making her chocolates.

With the help of many friends and the people we came to know in the food and retail industry, our small company began.  We continue to be amazed at how helpful everyone (even competitors!) has been in recommending suppliers, making suggestions about design and marketing, and offering other ideas that helped make Patricia’s Chocolate grow at a pace that we certainly did not expect, just as we did not expect the extensive media coverage we have attracted.  The concern of some of our customers that the success of our venture might be jeopardized by the obvious fact that Patty’s chocolates were “too beautiful to eat” fortunately proved to be wrong, and we continue to marvel at growing demand for our premier chocolat fait maison.

However successful, our company is still small and serving only a regional market, but we look forward to the challenge of meeting the ever increasing retail, special event, and corporate demand for our exquisite fresh, all natural delicacies.

We hope that you love our chocolates as much as we enjoy making them!

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