On our trip to the 2011 World Chocolate Masters competition in Paris, we found that virtually every chocolatier in the city sold Orangettes and Lemonettes ~ delightful chocolate coated candied orange and lemon peels.  Even at 130€ per Kg (about $80 per pound) they are wildly popular as a chocolate delicacy, often savored as an after-dinner treat.  When we returned home and decided to make them, we found that the candied peels from domestic sources lacked the wonderful citrus flavor and texture of the peels we found in Paris.   A colleague put us in touch with a confectionery in the south of France who source their lemons from Sicily and their oranges from Seville, and who candies the peels without preservatives of any sort.  What a difference!

Patty uses these luscious peels and hand coats our “Citronettes” in Valrhona cocoa powder, dips them not once but TWICE in a fabulous dark 61% couverture chocolate, and then pipes a heart on each to identify the flavor.  They are sold in mixed packages of 7 (av. wt. 50gms) for 11.25.

If you haven’t already discovered them, find them at one of our fine retailers and serve them at your next special dinner, or, just give them a try as a very special treat!  You’ll be in for a surprise, indeed!  Not near one of our shops?  Call or email us!

Chocolate Covered Orange and Lemon Peels