Michigan Bar

Tablette de chocolat du Michigan

Since it was introduced in 2010, the Michigan Bar has become an immensely popular specialty chocolate.  Finding it’s way into Christmas stockings, corporate gift boxes, Michigan gift baskets, teachers’ desks, college care packages, and of course, into the wedding plans of many Michigan brides.  The label may be customized to include photographs of the bride and groom, wedding colors and matching program fonts.

The Michigan Bar is sold in our retail stores for 4.25. Please contact us for information about special custom order pricing and packaging options.

Front of Michigan Bar
Michigan Bars sold online
Back of Michigan Chocolate Candy Bar

Solid 58% couverture dark chocolate in the shape of Michigan’s lower peninsula. Patty pipes the heart in the location where the bars are sold, or as requested for custom orders. With apologies to our UP neighbors, we just couldn’t figure out the packaging!

The mold was created in Belgium especially for Patricia’s Chocolate from a topographical map and includes our major rivers and elevations.

The back of the Michigan Bar is embedded with Grand Traverse dried Cherries, South Haven blueberries, Pistachio nuts, and Fleur de Sel, from Brittany.  Merveilleusement délicieux!