Chocolate Collection

Patricia’s Chocolate is a collection of artisan ganache and caramel palets, and only one of a select few chocolatiers world-wide entrusted with Fortunato No. 4, the extremely rare 68% Peruvian Grand Cru chocolate.

The palets in the Chocolate Collection are handcrafted from fresh ingredients with the finest of American and French couverture cocoas in the commercial kitchen in our home in Grand Haven, Michigan.  Trained at the French Pastry School and the Callebaut Institutes in Chicago and Montreal, Patricia painstakingly creates complex recipes that combine cocoa, European butter, and growth hormone-free creams with exotic varieties of imported spices, fresh herbs, fruit purees, coffees, teas, and fine liqueurs.    Each individually hand-finished bon-bon yields delicate and subtle flavors rarely found in chocolates with such artistic appeal, and we believe that the quality of our chocolate rivals that of the world’s finest chocolatiers.

Patricia’s Fortunato No. 4 is made from prized Pure Naçional cacao beans long thought to be extinct but recently rediscovered growing high in the Peruvian Andes.   As the cacao variety from which all others descend, Fortunato No.4 has a wonderful texture and remarkable flavor profile that lingers long on the palate.  Packaged with 10 solid ingots in a gold-lined box encased in a stunning red sleeve, or as a small tasting size of 2 ingots, this chocolate simply has no equal as either a luxurious gift or unique taste experience.

As might be expected in delicacies that are made in small quantities to insure a consistent experience of flavor and texture, there are absolutely no preservatives, additives, or artificial flavorings in Patricia’s Chocolate.  A contemporary origami-like box holding a descriptive booklet, layered glassine, and a five-ply pad over a protective tray elegantly finishes her product.  If you are a connoisseur of premier chocolate seeking an exquisite indulgence, or if you are looking for the perfect present, corporate gift, or wedding favor, you will be more than pleased with our chocolat fait maison ~ homemade chocolate.

ganache and caramel chocolate collection
boxes of chocolate

Ganache & Caramel Tips

While our chocolate may be kept for several weeks, they are best eaten soon after they are purchased to insure a smooth, creamy taste.  Remember, there are no preservatives in our products.

Store your chocolate in a cool, dry place, but do not refrigerate, since the dampness will cloud or dull its beautiful luster.   The shine of the  chocolate’s coating is a sign of its temper and therefore the quality and care with which it was made.

The irregularities you’ll notice are a sign of the chocolate’s craftsmanship.  Each piece is made, dipped, and hand-finished, unlike mass produced candies.

Try cutting the palet into quarters or thirds with a sharp paring knife.  Hold the piece on your tongue and let it melt for a few seconds to savor the texture of the ganache or caramel.  Pay attention to the flavors that emerge, and the subtle finishing tastes.

Bon appétit!